Last Thoughts of Being 24

Today is my last day being 24. So I guess you can say I am officially going into a brand spanking new season of life. And I am EXCITED ! It has been a crazy crazy year for me but I'd probably have to rate being 24 9/10 points. There were a few bumps in the road but there wasn't any obstacle that I wasn't able to over come.

I'm starting off being 25 a little early with two birthday presents to myself, a new tattoo and also a Disney annual pass.

I lurves me some Didny Worl. You can find me either crying because I'm meeting Ariel (she's my bae) or riding space mountain over and over and over again.

Enough about the day that I graced this planet with my beautiful, sassy and uncoordinated presence 25 years ago, lets talk about all of you !

I am so incredibly humbled and completely overwhelmed by all of the support I've gotten from all of you (my friends & family, my moms friends, my nana's friends EVERYONE)  I love all of you so much ! Thanks for all of the kind words !

All of you are seriously the best ! *two claps and Rick Flair*

with all that being said, My surgery is JUNE. 6th ! That is approximately 79 days away ! And 23 days after my surgery I will be in the same room breathing the same air as Justin Bieber.  June is going to be such a great month.

I don't have much more to say other than thank you again for all the kind words and support and also thank you in advance for all the birthday wishes !

Until next time babes,

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